Hi. My partner and i have loved Cane-corso Puppies for at least 20 years now (since we were kids) . We have been an animal lovers all our life and dogs have our absolute favorite. I had my first Cane-corso when i was 15 years old and my partner had her at 10. They are amazing little dogs that think they are large powerful beasts. They will protect their owners even if it means that they are in danger too. It’s funny once you have a Cane-corso in your life, you usually will always want another one. They are like potato chips You can’t have just one . Breeding them for about 7 years has given us (and our clients) much pleasure. We breed for character and health ..they are ALL beautiful in their own way. We want to Thank you for giving us this time to show you our beautiful Cane corso puppies. We specialize in raising Healthy and Happy Cane corso Puppies.

We believe that we have the highest quality Cane corso puppies around because they have been raised with so much love and attention since we raise just a few around! If you love the shiny, beautiful coats, babydoll faces & compact bodies, then you are at the right place. We have been breeding Cane corso puppies as hobby for over a while now. Due to all the scams out there, we prefer to discuss with all of our potential Canecorso Owners and have a good knowledge about you , the environment the dog is to be raised in and your family as a whole before we decide to let you have either of them. We raise just about 6 at a time till they are all gone and this is to make sure we provide them with all the time needed to make them as lovely as they tend to be. Our puppies are all accustomed to lots of human interaction and love, they are a commitment and purchasing one, should not be taken lightly. Cane-corso are famously inquisitive and can be stubborn, so don’t let them get the upper hand! Our commitment to you does not end when you purchase one of our puppies. We are available to speak with you if any problem arises or if you just want to talk about Cane-corso! Thanks for stopping by and please check out the puppies we have available on our available page.


  • – Cane-corso are known for being difficult to house train. Crate-training is recommended.
  • – Cane-corso don’t like the cold and are prone to chills, especially if they’re damp or in damp areas.
  • -Because of their small size, delicate structure, and terrier personality, Cane-corso generally aren’t recommended for households with toddlers or small children.
  • -Some Cane-corso can be “happy,” barking at every sound they hear. Early and consistent training can help. If you don’t feel qualified to provide this training, consult a professional dog trainer.
  • -Cane-corso can have delicate digestive systems and may be picky eaters. Eating problems can occur if your Yorkie has teeth or gum problems as well. If your Yorkie is showing discomfort when eating or after eating, take him to the vet for a checkup.